Mehmet Akyuz ~ Developer & Photographer

I'm a software engineer that accidentally fell in love with photography. I'm from Amsterdam, the Netherlands & I enjoy experimenting with lighting, techniques & travel photography.

I'm always looking for things to shoot, interested? Get in touch!

~ Photography ~

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Mehmet Akyuz

Date of birth: 4 december 1987
Mobile: +31 611302136

I am a pragmatic and a incredibly fast learning young professional living close to Amsterdam (The Netherlands). In my professional career I'm a Software Engineer at the smartest travel company in Amsterdam. In my personal "endeavour" I travel, do photography, read and enjoy different cultures.


Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences 2010-2013


Software Engineer TravelBird. 2013 jan - Present

  • Developed a hotel bedbank/incoming agency aggregation system.
    • Technology stack: Python, Django, Celery, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL
  • Supported the growth of TravelBird becoming the biggest global travel inspirator.

Lead Web Developer Dutch Travel International B.V. 2006 jan - 2013 dec

  • Development of a B2B platform between Touroperators and Travel-agencies.
    • Used by 1800 travel agencies for live hotel & flight availability, price searches, reservations and e-ticketing.
    • Interactive, API backend
    • Dynamic Packaging of Hotel & Flight
    • Connections to hotel bedbank providers such as MTS and Jumbo Tours
    • Technology stack: Python, Django, JavaScript, jQuery, Postgresql
  • Tailor-made database-driven web-based Hotel Content Management System.
    • Hotel aggregation content feeded from external API partners (OpenTravelService (MTS), Sejour, G7, Stadis and TOMA)
    • Multiple published webservices exporting hotel content for affiliates and online partners. (JSON/XML/CSV)
  • Other Projects
    • Developed a business intelligence dashboard with live metrics, KPI's and google analytics aggregation.
    • Experience developing against worldwide standards in Tourism API technology (e'g G7, STADIS, OpenTravelService, Sejour, TOMA, SOAP, Genius, Traveltainment)
    • Developed a XML G7 SOAP-based API abstraction layer for a legacy IP-socket based endpoint.
    • Designed numerous web and print creatives for use in promotional campagnes, including for the nation-wide Daily newspapers Metro and Spits.

Web Developer German Sky Airlines GmbH. 2010 feb - 2013 dec

  • Change management on the primary website of the German Sky Airline fleet.
  • Enhanced the IBE to incorporate multi-day search capability

Programming & Web Development

Intermediate knowledge of MVC web development technologies, J2EE, the Django web framework and sufficiently proficient with Javascript/jQuery/HTML/CSS

System/Server Administrator

Many years experience deploying and maintaining both Linux, AIX and Windows servers, including bootstrapping and configuration of NginX/Apache fronted webapplications


10 years experience in professional graphic design, specialized in static and interactive web (Flash) creatives and to a lesser degree also Print.

& Interests
Photography, Astronomy, Physics, Fitness, Swimming, Travel, Interior Design, Science & Technology, Synesthesia, Psychology, the copenhagen interpretation and Schrodinger's cat.
Python Java SQL Bash Javascript (x)HTML CSS Django B2B B2C Celery JSON RESTful API's Webscraping Adobe Photoshop Adobe Flash Adobe Lightroom 3DsMax Linux jQuery Ubuntu Redhat Linux CentOS Fedora SOAP NginX Apache Supervisord gUnicorn Memcached MySQL Git Mercurial PostgreSQL Tomcat JavaServlets TCP/IP Sockets